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1 Jul 2017

Switch Plates - Easily Add Whimsy To Any Room


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Posted By Luther L.

Having a fun escape room is becoming more and more popular in today's homes. These rooms may be a creative space where artistic endeavors are undertaken or a room where all the books are fiction and the goal is to get lost in the fantasy. Some of these rooms are simple others are extravagant mural-covered masterpieces.

If you've been creating a fun and fantastic look to any room in your house, no doubt you have put a lot of time into it. You have found fun pieces of furniture, accents, possibly even cute lighting features to give you the light you need in a non-traditional manner. But there's something missing.

As you look around the room you see the great new coat of paint you put up, the fun curtains and whimsical chairs, but then you spot the problem. The switch plates in the room are still those original white or beige boring pieces that came with the house.

When you think about the things that make up a room, switch plates are probably nowhere near the top of that list. But, when you completely decorate the rest of the room, and forget about the switch plates, they will let you know they are around by being a blight on your creative space.

Luckily, it is not hard to stop the attack of the boring switch plates and have switch plates that are fresh and new.

If you have a very specific theme, you may want to start your search for switch plates online. While hardware stores and even department stores will have a variety of switch plates, often if you are looking for very specific items, you may have to look in specialty markets to find them. A simple search with what you are looking for (i.e. Coca Cola, jungle animals, martinis or Superman) and switch plates will take you in the right direction.

Part of the key to online searches for switch plates is the wording. While you may be thinking you want a jungle theme, that key word may not be enough to let you see all the options that are available for you to use. You will likely need to change up your switch plates search to add words such as rainforest, jaguar, monkey, or other things that you would find in a jungle motif.

Another important thing to remember is that all switch plates do not have to be alike. While many things in a room have to match, you can have some fun with switch plates. You could put the monkey switch plate in one area of the room and the jaguar in another. When you are adding a fun flair to a room, you are allowed to mix it up a little more than you would be able to in regular decorating situations.

Also remember, there are a lot of designs of switch plates out there. Take your time in your search and make sure you have seen all your options before choosing the one that is the perfect final touch for your fun space.


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